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Thanks for everyone's support during the 4+ years I ran 3-Gun.


Hopefully the remaining members at PMRPC have learned a lesson from what happened to me - Don't ask the board any questions about anything!

Just remain quiet sleeping sheep and let them do whatever they want! But I hope you prove them wrong... The first step is getting them to address the charges against them! Good luck.

Looking for a real match to shoot?

Here you go!!!

A good monthly schedule is: Volusia USPSA, CFRPC Action Steel, CFRPC USPSA and OK Corral USPSA

Remember to always check with the clubs for start times and to make sure match is still on.

Hope to see you out there!

1st Sat   Volusia USPSA        
1st Sun            
2nd Sat   CFRPC Steel (odd) CFRPC ASL (even) Volusia Steel OK Corral Steel  
2nd Sun   Titusville Fun Steel  Frostproof USPSA      
3rd Sat   St Aug USPSA CFRPC Tac Multi Gun Ancient City Steel    
3rd Sun   CFRPC USPSA        
4th Sat   OK Corral USPSA Volusia USPSA (Ray) Frostproof 3 Gun CFRPC 3 Gun (Gary) Ancient City USPSA
4th Sun   Volusia Steel        
5th Sat    Titusville Shotgun        

Websites and info



ok corral



ancient city

0,0,0,0 - What great leadership!